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The Abundance Principle:
Six Week LIVE Coaching Program



Maybe you are frustrated because you are dysfunctional with money. Maybe you know how to make money, but constantly find yourself broke. Maybe you struggle with your bills and your debt. Did you know that a person’s financial condition does not depend on external factors, but on their internal environment? Who you perceive yourself to be, how you think, how you need to express yourself emotionally is all part of the internal environment. Your relationship with money reflects more about your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings than it does about the world of finance. This is good news, because when you get that you are the source of your money, you can do something about it. When you learn and apply the Laws of the Universe that are taught in this 6 Week Coaching Program, you will begin to understand your relationship with money and be able to start creating what you truly want. This course will help you in the areas that you may be sabotaging your financial situation and teach you how to over come those situations.

Do you feel that the job you are working at is unfulfilling? Do you find that you can’t wait for your day to be over? Do you find that you don’t know what exactly you want to do, but you know that what you are currently doing is not it? Are you constantly wondering about what you want to be when you grow up? Are you fed up with your boss? Do you find yourself down and almost depressed because of this? Once you learn and apply The Law of Abundance by taking this 6 Week Coaching Program you will:

  • Experience a renewed hope and passion for your life.
  • Understand how you attracted your current situation and what you can do to change it.
  • Gain clarity on what you want to do in the world as your creative expression.
  • Learn the steps to move in the direction of your dreams.

What is abundance? What does abundance mean to you? Abundance is defined as an all-sufficiency of supply, a full measure of infinite good. Do you think of abundance as money, love, success, prosperity, joy, freedom, or wealth? Abundance relates to all those things and more.

There are principles of abundance when learned and applied will free us from lack and limitation. During the recorded 6 week coaching program, your instructor will teach you those principles.

Pre-registration for Spring 2017 is currently open. Register early as space is limited!



We hold classes 4 times per year Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

If you are interested in taking this class simply pre-register no payment required for pre-registration. You will be placed on the waiting list for the next available class and we will notify all pre-registrants of the official class dates, you can determine at that time if you would like to join us. Register early as space is limited.

Please Pre-register and we will notify you 1 month in advance of the official start date to give you plenty of time to decide if you would like to join us.

You will learn:

  • If subconsciously you have an aversion to wealth, and if you are keeping wealth apart from you.
  • Releasing any resistance that holds you apart from your abundance.
  • How money is an effect, not the cause.
  • How money, relationships, and success are all an outer symbol of the inner supply within us.
  • How to shift from a consciousness of effects (materiality) to a consciousness of cause (spirituality).
  • Learn how to stop looking for your abundance from any person, place, or situation. Everything you need to create abundance is within you now. We will teach you how to get in touch with that Source.

Classes are as follows:



  • TIME: 9 pm Eastern
  • RECORDINGS: All classes will be recorded in the case you are unable to attend.

This Coaching Program is a $900.00 value, for the special price of $247.00 For a limited time!

  • RECORDINGS: All classes will be recorded in the case you are unable to attend.

Here is what past students are saying about the 6 Week Abundance Coaching Program:

“I have always had a dream car a Camaro SS Convertible it had to be Black with a Tan top leather seats and all the bells and whistles brand new! So this has been in my intention for about 3 months I even found one and took it for a test drive to feel the experience, took the car back and said I love it I would buy it in a heart beat if you could meet my price!

Well they all laughed and said Amy, there is no way that is like asking us to take $20,000 off the price! So I thanked them all kindly and said if they changed there mind they had my number….. Everyone in my family was like mom really, my husband said honey, if you can make it happen go for it as he knows me pretty well, and gave me my wishful thinking look!

Well long story short 5 days after I started the worksheets my Brand New SS Blk Camaro Convertible was in my garage! Yep they called me with my price and believe me they could not even believe that they were selling it to me, actually I couldn’t either I was sitting in the dealership and when the owner (Yes, the owner of the dealership) told me it was mine I was to the moon and back! Everyone in that dealership came running I was soo excited and grateful I had to go home and could not even sign the papers that day…

They were like where are you going? I assured them I would be back in the am, I could not even hear a word they were trying to say ….. and because I really never dreamed I would get that price for a 2012 Camaro and now I have it! OMG so I had 2 roads right before me choose the road I want to take or choose the road I should take? Well I guess you know what road I choose lol I always create my road it is
soo much Fun! So I always have a great story to share on how I got my dream car…. I had a lot of tools applied before the class but what the coaching program did was allowed me to confirm and enhance through the meditation and writing and the techniques that were presented and taught so beautifully by Kelly was a true gift…..

Thanks so much Christy for following up! And tomorrow I am re branding my business marketing, which has been another dream that I have been living, wow this is like My movie coming into reality it is absolutely beautiful! You rock gals, so reach up high and celebrate! You are making a huge difference in the lives of others…..”

-Love and Inspired by Amy

“After just 9 days into the program I attracted three new clients to my business!”

-P.K. in Texas

“Just after I completed the course with Christy I received a HUGE promotion at work, with an 18% pay increase.”

-A.R. in California

“I completed the program and attracted a wonderful woman into my life. She is amazing!”

-R.V. in Pennsylvania

“I was offered a new job making $30,000 more a year, plus amazing benefits that I didn’t have at my other company, like 4 weeks vacation, 401K and pension!”

-L.T. in California

“I just float through my days. I am so full of joy. I am manifesting things like magic, but for me it is more about the joy I feel all the time.”

-T.D. in Texas

“I am half-way through the program and already I am experiencing daily miracles in my life, and growing marvelously. I am becoming whole!”

-C.J. in California

“I began the program for abundance 10 days ago and it is absolutely amazing the revelations I have been receiving about myself. Today I feel I have been given a shot of cosmic strength and faith.”

-L.D. In California

“After completing the program I received a huge promotion at work, with an 18% increase in pay. My relationship with my wife is also better than it has ever been.”

-A.R. California

“I have noticed the increase in abundance already, due I believe to the increased and expanded consciousness created by the practices.”

-E.P. In Tennessee

“This Prosperity Program is showing me the way to live each day in total joy and fulfillment.”

-S.S. in Alabama

“I had been troubled with the thought of money-letting it rule me. Then I began the Prosperity Program and all things were made new. Thank you!”

-P.H. in Texas

Hi Christy, After just a week of the Abundance class I FINALLY received a check for $2500.00 I had been waiting for from a client – it was almost 90 days past due. I also got paid again for a job I did several months ago (I’m an actress and they pay you again if they want to extend the usage of the footage) it was $1000.00!!!!!!

After that I stopped thinking about money as a source of stress and just something I use. My attention seemed to go to something else – my relationships. I gained a lot of clarity. I realized that I really do want to meet new people and make more friends. I have spent so much time working I have really neglected my friendships. I especially want more female friends and I want to take care of the friendships I’ve taken for granted. I want to enjoy my life more by spending time with others and not just looking for financial and career oriented success. “

-Nicole P. LA CA

Christy Whitman’s Abundance Course is an Amazing, Life-Changing Experience! I recommend this to anyone wanting more from life. Participating in the teleconferences with others going through the course was such a blessing. Hearing others share if they are up to date with the program as well as a success story is encouraging and motivating. Having everyone at the end of class share what they will take away is an awesome experience because you actually hear yourself say what you are taking with you and what you are using to make your life better.

Christy many thanks to you for allowing yourself to share such knowledge with me, I am forever changed and continually expanding and creating. I now know I am enough! I now consciously and intentionally create!

– Beth Chrisman
Director of The International School

“I loved Christy’s 6 week course on Abundance and faithfully followed the suggestions to journal, meditate and do a gratitude list every day. Here’s what happened:

1) I was called personally by the CEO of my company and notified that I was chosen for an interview to be featured in Success From Home Magazine as part of a whole issue devoted to my company. I had the interview and a photo shoot including a helicopter shoot over Sedona, AZ.

2) I fulfilled my dream of having over 100 people on my team coming to a special dinner and awards event at our upcoming Convention. We will max out the room!

3) I was inspired to start on a book that has the potential to help thousands of baby boomers who are nearing retirement and haven't saved enough to live on, and I was attracted to just the right people who will bring the “How” of the book to life for me and help me get it done.

Thanks again Christy for a fabulous Abundance Course!

Christy many thanks to you for allowing yourself to share such knowledge with me, I am forever changed and continually expanding and creating. I now know I am enough! I now consciously and intentionally create!

– Judy O’Higgins
Business Owner, Sedona AZ

“I just completed the Abundance course (except for the bonus class), including the 7 extra days when I was using the wrong workbook! :) I am experiencing far more joy in my life and I have such an improved outlook. I am much more focused on looking for what is working in my life and am noticing how abundance is coming to me in a number of small ways–unexpected gifts, unexpected appreciation from people, manifesting the small things that let me know the big things are on the way to me. I feel much more connected to Source Energy. And that breathing exercise in class #5!!!!!!! Wow!!! I have had a house on the market for quite some time, and decided to offer it for rent and just see what happens. I did the breathing and the green flame, and the very next day the realtor called to say someone is interested in renting, and possibly may want to buy it. Also, when I did it before meditating, I went from a tingle, to a feeling of excitement, which then turned into the most intense feeling of love I think I have ever had. I guess you could say it was an abundance of love. I felt so completely connected to my soul. I am looking forward to listening to the bonus class. By the way, the 40 day “habit” worked. This is the first time I have ever been so consistent with meditating, and now I don’t want to stop! I also see the benefit of journaling. I feel much more “in the flow”.

Thank you so much! What a powerful class!

– Estra

Hi Christy, I have been doing the 6 week abundance principle coaching program. I am on day 21 and I absolutely love it! I was in meditation recently, and I had this feeling of gratitude for you, and all that you are doing for us which in turn will affect the whole planet. Your program is priceless Christy!

You provide so much value that it is beyond comparison. I do not mean for this to sound cheesy, but I just cannot stop this stream of gratitude. In fact I don’t really want to because it feels so good. I feel so much gratitude that I have this electric feeling in my spine.

Thank you so much!

– Mark

“The Abundance Principle Coaching program was the best money I have ever spent. I have been telling like-minded loved ones about all the tools that I will have with me forever, and all the positive changes I feel like I have made because of taking your course. People who did not know that I had taken your course have commented on how great I seem to be doing.

I was a bit skeptical that your course (or any) could deliver some of the things that you promised we could expect, but I am a true believer now.

You taught us with humor, wisdom and compassion. It was particularly affective in the way you shared your past stories and challenges with us. I felt like you were really a cheerleader for us.

In addition, having the MP3’s to re-listen to and the documentation at our disposal is worth it’s weight in gold. One of my favorite things to do is to listen to the classes again to try and grasp some of the concepts or hear things that I missed the first time.

Thank you so much, Christy. I can’t wait for another teleseminar class and I wish you the best always!”

-Jeanie Ferguson

I am so glad I found your website and the Abundance Principle Coaching Class. It has change my life in a tremendous way! I could have never imagined being able to
experience so much expansion in so many areas of my life.

The tools you have provided and taught me how to use will keep me on track to keep “expanding my container” and keep growing. Your passion and desire to help improve others is certainly a gift and it is evident that you present everything from the heart. I will always be proud to be a part of your “family”.

Thanks you so much,

-Gerry Henley

Join us for a six week coaching program and release the abundance that is already part of your True Nature.

The Abundance Principle Coaching Program will include:



  • 6 Live-Recorded Abundance Principle Coaching Teleseminars: These 60-90 minute Teleseminars include step by step, easy instructions to implement this principle into your daily life as well as inspirational and motivational messages and teachings. These recorded Teleseminars are with other like-minded individuals so you can relate to what they went through during the program.
  • Free MP3 recordings of these Teleseminars.
  • One personal and private 30 minute coaching session with the instructor where you will work individually to release anything that is preventing you from allowing your True Abundance to flow.
  • 40 Day Workbook that outlines what you need to do on a daily basis to literally change your life. This will take less than 20 minutes per day.

“Take less action outside of yourself. Let your true power come through from the inside to help your path be one of ease and effortlessness.”
-Christy Whitman

The Abundance Principle Coaching is a $700 value, for the special price of $247.00

Pre-registration is currently Open. Register early as space is limited.



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